The Peoples Remedy is a not for profit organization dedicated to assisting qualified patients understand and find safe access to therapeutic possibilities with cannabis, based on scientific research, through collaboration with government, subject matter experts, and patient education campaigns.


Must Have A Valid California ID & Dr. Recommendation NO EXCEPTION!!



Authorized under California Law, TPR is a non-profit membership collective of qualified medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers dedicated to serving the legitimate medical needs of its members. The collective is not-for-profit and operates in strict compliance with the Compassionate Use Act (Health and Safety Code 11362.5), Medical Marijuana Program Act (Health and Safety Code 11362.7 et seq.) and the California Attorney General's August 2008 Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use. Cultivation is performed only by and for qualified patients who are members of the collective. The collective is not open to the general public. Membership is restricted to adult Californians who are qualified patients and/or primary caregivers of qualified patients who are members, and have a verifiable written recommendation from a licensed California physician recommending the use of marijuana for the treatment of a serious medical condition.